Innovations and Energy Efficiency

Transneft, JSC power policy


Approved by the order of Transneft, JSC dated August 17, 2012

As a key element of fuel energy complex of the Russian Federation ensuring the final results of its activity, Transneft, JSC determins its main priority as the continuous raising the level of power efficiency at Transneft, JSC.

At all stages of its production activity Transneft, JSC is guided by the following principles:

  • strict observance of requirements of the Russian legislation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, standards and regulations applicable to the use of power resources, power saving and improvement of power efficiency;
  • improvement of power efficiency through the implementation of measures to save power resources of Transneft, JSC;
  • rational use of fuel energy resources;
  • purchasing of highly reliable power-efficient equipment with improved power characteristics;
  • setting, continuous analysis, successive actualization of power goals and objectives, development of power strategy for various levels of fuel energy resources management and programs of its implementation;
  • uninterrupted and reliable power supply of Transneft, JSC through the use of power-efficient equipment and technologies;
  • mitigation of negative impact on the environment through reducing the consumption of fuel-energy resources;
  • making available significant information on the power saving activity of Transneft, JSC;
  • raising awareness in the area of power saving and power management of Transneft, JSC personnel and Transneft, JSC system organizations exerting an influence on consumption of fuel energy resources, as well as improvement of awareness of the power policy and its goals at all the levels of organization, increase of interest in rational consumption and saving of fuel energy resources.

To observe the targeted principles, Transneft, JSC intends to provide:

  • implementation of integrated organizational and technical measures in the framework of the approved program of power saving and reduction of power consumption rate for oil and oil products transportation in comparable conditions;
  • implementation and continuous improvement of power management system in compliance with requirements of the international standard ISO 50001:2011;
  • planning of activity of Transneft, JSC and Transneft, JSC organizations taking into account the measures of  power saving and improvement of Transneft, JSC power efficiency;
  • design and construction of the pipeline transport facilities involving the best power efficient technologies;
  • upgrading of the main equipment, removal of old equipment to be replaced with equipment of improved reliability and power efficiency;
  • improvement of power saving activity of Transneft, JSC through a timely development and updating of corporate regulations in the sphere of technological process management and implementation of power saving measures, distinct allocation of rights, establishing liability and responsibility of employees for implementation of power saving activities;
  • continuous improvement of the image of Transneft, JSC as a company that aims at power  saving based on trust of international organizations, partners, clients and residents in the regions of Transneft, JSC operations;
  • implementation of energy saving measures at Transneft, JSC in accordance with the growing demand for increase in power efficiency and environment protection;
  • enhancement of the staff responsibility for the rational and effective consumption of energy resources;
  • provision of legal and informational support for the efficient use of energy resources;
  • organization of statistical supervision over power efficiency, monitoring and analyzing the main parameters of use and consumption of fuel energy resources and factors that have impact on their consumption level, assessment of the forecast level of fuel energy resources consumption, using unified approaches to planning and rationing of fuel energy resources, accounting and control of their consumption and use, revealing the reasons of fuel energy resources overconsumption and development of targeted measures for elimination of the same;
  • organization of power-related inspection, filling-in power certificates of facilities with subsequent collection, analysis and systematic use of the said data;
  • development and performance of corrective and preventive actions aimed at eliminating the reasons for noncompliance of power saving activity with the requirements of the Russian legislation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, standards and regulations in the sphere of power saving and improvement of power efficiency;
  • adding the tasks of power efficiency improvement at Transneft, JSC into the program of Transneft, JSC strategic development till 2020.

Transneft, JSC considers the observance of these provisions as the guarantee of continuous improvement of power efficiency in order to maintain sustainable development of the Russian Federation.

Our obligations of power saving spread over all structural units of Transneft, JSC and organizations of Transneft, JSC and have been included into the system of business relations between Transneft, JSC and its partners.