Occupational safety

As a key element of the Russian energy industry that determines the final results of its activity, Transneft, JSC sees the main priority of its business in the protection of workers’ life and health, as well as provision of safe conditions for their work.

Fully aware of potential negative impact of its widescale and sophisticated activity on life and health of its workers, Transneft, JSC will develop the trunk pipeline transport and perform works in such a way as to minimize hazards and protect the workers subject to risk of occupational injuries or professional diseases.

Transneft, JSC activity is based on the following principles:

To ensure observance of the said principles, Transneft, JSC sets the following goals and objectives:


Transneft, JSC considers observance of these provisions as a guarantee of optimal combination of interests of the Company with social-economic needs of society in the sphere of labor protection.